Show Managers

This page contains everything you need to manage your table top show.  Please consider downloading the show managers guide to help walk through the process, if you haven’t already! You can also buy a printed copy from the shop. Of course, we are here to help and support you. Please reach out to our show secretary, Jenifer Laywer if you have any questions or need to order ribbons.

Show Sanction Application

If you are sanctioning your show, SCNA mambers will get points for winnings. This link takes you to the sanction application, which costs $10. You will also have the option to buy score cards and stickers as add ons. If you need ribbons for your show, contact the show secretary who will help you.
*New for 2024*  If you are not having a table top show and are only involved in an American/In Cage Event only, you can sanction that event for $1 and SCNA exhibitors who win Best and Reserve of breed can still acquire points.

Important Links

Show Grant Information and Application

The SCNA is awarding eight $500 grants to assist with necessities of show coordinator’s choice, eliminating most of the fundraising challenges new shows face!

Grants will be given to shows that are first time shows or in states/areas where shows were not held in the past 2 years. The SCNA is here to support you as well as your district and state representatives.

Licensed SCNA Judges

To hold a sanctioned show and earn points, a licensed SCNA table top judge must be hired. All judges have different requirmens for their hire. Please contact ones you are interested in to make arrangements.  

Printable Show Recording Sheets

We have printable judge score cards that you can print yourself if you choose not to order then from the shop. We also have tabulator sheets and American show recording sheets. You will need these for your show to keep track of all of your exhibitors scores, call backs and winners in order to record them for the show secretary. 

Entry Forms

Are you going to need entry forms for your show ? Sometimes, if you are having a table top show along with a host show, the host show would have all enries go through them and their forms. However, if you are doing a stand alone table top show or the host club wants to keep the serama entries as our responsibility, we can make you online entry forms. We can also link these to your paypal account. Keep in mind, Paypal WILL take fees from each entry as they do. You can also opt to use the online forms without a payment and just tell your exhibitors where to send payment. We have a page set up with some example forms but we can customize them specifically for your show. Please email if you’d like to discuss entry forms. Please allow 2 weeks to create and test your forms.  


Awards can beone of the biggest costs when it comes to sows. If you are creative or know someone who can hand make you prizes, we have had some amazing, custom, unique awards made this way. You are welcome to work with anyone to et the awards you want. Depending on what format of show you are having, you will need different awards. We have an amazing ribbon vendor we work with. If you are interested in getting a quote, contact our show secretary and she can walk you through this process. 

Submitting Results

After your show, you will have to submit all of your results to the show secretary. We have convienient online forms for you to do this. because of the complexity of these forms, we ask that you use an actual computer to do this and not a phone. The reason being, these calculations on the forms  are too complex for phones and you will not be able to enter the information correctly. This link will take you to the page with the Table Top forms for both open and youth and for option 1 or option 2 shows. If you had an in cage aspect to your show, we have forms for those results as well. As always, if you have any questions, please contact our show secretary at  

Virtual Shows

Sometimes you may have exhibitors in your district that live far from each other and you dont quite have the resources to put on a full, in person show. A virtual show may be an option for you. These can be very fun but are very labor intensive on the back end. We have set up some rules for the virtual shows, which are as close to in person sows as possible. We first started doing these when covid sut down in person shows and they were a huge success. Read over the rules in the link and contact our show secretary if you think you’d like to take this on. 

Thank you for considering being a show manager! We are here to support your successful and fun event! Please contact us for anything you need.

SCNA Show Managers

This page for show managers contains all of the information and documentation and forms needed to host our own SCNA sanctioned show.