Show Recap Reporting Forms

Below are the links to the show reports that show managers must fill out within 30 days of conclusion of show. Please fill out each applicable form depending on which show type you had.

You MUST fill these forms out on a desktop computer ! NOT a phone or tablet. The reason for this, is the complexity of these forms and the formulas will not calculate properly within a phone browser environment which is not made for this type of activity. 

There are 2 options for table top showing. Option 1 is for smaller shows. You would have had classes for cock, hen, cockerel and pullet ONLY. All feather classes and Ayams would all go into their gender classes. You will have picked a champion of show and a reserve.

Option 2 is for larger shows. Classes would be cock, hen, cockerel, pullet, male silkied, female silkied, male frizzled, female frizzled, male ayam and female ayam. You will choose a champion and reserve male of show and champion and reserve female of show.

You may use an option 2 for open and an option 1 for youth or vice versa.
Americans only get points for ABA approved varieties judged by a lic ABA judge.

American ONLY sanctioned show report

Use this form to report results of a standalone American in cage, Serama show. Please note * You or another scna member had to sanction this prior to the show date.*