Membership Pricing

Join the first and largest serama club in North America.
We have several membership options and plan durations.


Our Membership Options

Our Youth Memberships are for children under the age of 18. Individual Adult is for one person, Family is for everyone who lives in one household. All memberships are available for one year, 3 years or lifetime. 


* Monthly virtual shows where you do the judging, compare to certified judges, and earn cash for matching their scores.
* Access to members only website content, such as support and guidance from award-winning judges and breeders in breeding to the Standards of Perfection.
* Access to the most current Ayam, Traditional, and American Serama standards of perfection which are used by the ABA and APA.
* Access to the members directory to find other Serama enthusiasts in your area.
* Access to SCNA leg bands, and to be a part of the oldest Serama only leg band registry in the United States.
* Over 30 licensed judges to utilize at SCNA sanctioned table top shows.
* Exclusive custom Serama trophy topper available for purchase or win at licensed SCNA shows.
* Extensive reference materials for Table top and American Serama written by licensed judges and committees.
* Over 30 sanctioned shows to attend annually put on nation wide.
* Ability to grow show opportunities in your area with direct support and guidance from council members.
* A personal membership profile on our website for you to share your content and photos.
* Uncensored sales posts for your birds or eggs which get traffic internally and also have the ability to share it externally across any social media.
* Earn Points and awards within the club to recognize long term exhibition achievements.
* Show Grants are available to give financial assistance to sanctioned shows in every State and District. 
* “SCNA UNIVERSITY” video tutorials covering all areas of breeding, showing, and caring for Seramas.