Virtual Show Rules and Guidelines

SCNA Sanctioned Virtual Show Requirements. 

Show Management must submit a message of intent including these guidelines to the show committee chair of the SCNA. 

•Names of the Show Committee, (recommendation of 2-4 individuals with live show management experience). 

•The understanding that only exhibitors in the shows particular district can participate.

 •District level shows open to non-members. 

•The understanding that half points will be awarded for virtual shows rather than whole points as in live shows.

 •Understanding that all SCNA show structure and rules must be followed.

 •SCNA Sanction Package is required.

 •Videos must be no shorter than 70 seconds and must not exceed 90 seconds, otherwise the bird will be disqualified. 

•The bird should not be touched after the first 10 seconds of placing the bird on the table, otherwise the bird will be disqualified.

•Videos MUST include some form of physical labeling to prove that these videos are current. 

*Submitted youth exhibitor video must include the youth participant placing the bird on the table.

*The table must consist of a flat surface with no less than 3 open sides. The surface must be free of all objects, other than the bird being shown.

•No entries will be accepted without video cards. •New videos are required for each tier.

 •2 Videos should be submitted per entry, 1 for tier 1 and a 1 for tier 2. 

•Once a video is submitted it is final, no re-submissions. (If a video fails to play or upload correctly, the exhibitor will be allowed to shoot a new video.)

•SCNA scorecards must be used and displayed. 

•SCNA licensed judge is required.

•Videos should be uploaded to YouTube or the web server directly by the show management and categorized into playlists to allow the judge to score per class. 

•Full show reports must be submitted to the SCNA Show Secretary within 30 days.

 •Submit plans of intent with a response to each point to a member of the GC for approval

. •Entry deadline can be extended for valid reasons by the show management. Not due to lack of entries.

 •Virtual Shows are limited to ONE show per district on a 6 month basis. Two shows are allowed per district annually