SCNA Show Grant Summary

SCNA Growth Grants for New Shows!

  • SCNA wants to expand participation and membership consistent with the vision for all states and districts to be active in SCNA.

  • Can you help us reach new members and expand the Table Top shows to a new area?

  • $4,000 has been earmarked grants to support new in-person SCNA-sanctioned shows which take place within one year of application.

  • SCNA is awarding eight $500 grants to assist with necessities of show coordinator’s choice, eliminating most of the fundraising challenges new shows face!

  • Grants available until they are exhausted. Decisions will be approved by the SCNA Governing Council.

  • Local, State, or District shows are all encouraged to apply! -Established regions can choose a new locale to expand to! -Shows should be in-person shows coordinated with the appropriate state and district representatives.

  • Grants will be given to shows that are first time shows or in states/areas where shows were not held in the past 2 years. -A how-to guide to help your show-planning process is in the works and the entire GC is here to support you as well as your district and state representatives