What you need

Important Show Printables

Tabulator Sheets

These are an absolute must at every show. These papers document all of the winners. We can send these to you, or you can print these yourself. This is the info you will need to fill out the recap forms after the show and make sure your exhibitors get the proper wins and points attributed to them.

American In Cage Recording Form

This form is for recording In Cage wins

Score Cards

You can order these on the website with your sanction package, or you can print them yourself on cardstock. 

Informational Brochures

Exhibition Overview

This tri fold, full color brochure describes the overview of serama exhibition. A good handout for shows. PDF format.

Traditional Serama

This tri fold brochure describes the traditional serama standard. A good handout for shows.

American Serama

This document needs to be updated, but includes the original varieties of American Serama. Tri fold pdf. 

Ayam Serama

This full color, tri fold brochure is all about the Ayam/Malay serama. 

Fun for Kids and Adults

Word search 1

A fun word search to print out for shows or events. PDF format

Word Search 2

A fun word search for printing out for shows or events. PDF Format. 

Crossword puzzle

Serama themed crossword puzzle to print for shows or events. PDF Format. 

How To

How to Fill Out a Scorecard

This pdf graphic explains what an SCNA scorecard is and how to fill it out at a show.

Exhibitors Guide

Featured Work