From Fairs to Table Top

What color seramas can I show?

Fairs and Local Shows

4-H, Local Fairs and Local Poultry shows are the most abundant types of shows in the USA. Every show has their own set of rules which are generally provided in a show book available to exhibitors several weeks prior to a show. You should familiarize yourself with the requirements of the show you are interested in exhibiting in, as they all can vary.

Most likely, the most common set of rules followed would be those of ABA (American Bantam Association) shows. If this is indeed the case, then you need to be aware of the recognized varieties (colors) of seramas that are acceptable to show.

As of 2023, the acceptable colors are white, black, exchequer, blue, splash and ginger red. Seramas that are these colors are known as “AMERICAN” Seramas. 

Ayam or extreme seramas cannot be shown at “in cage” shows. 

It is advisable that if you’d like to get serious about exhibiting in ABA shows, that you purchase a Bantam Standard from the ABA website and familiarize yourself with the exact color requirements such as beak, plumage and foot color, as well as feather types, defects and disqualifications.

If you plan on earning points with the ABA, you need to be a member of their club. You can also earn American points at an SCNA sanctioned show ONLY if there is a table top show AND an in cage show together.

American Bantam Association Site


White Seramas are able to be shown at any APA or ABA shows. Generally local fairs and 4-H programs follow ABA rules, but check yours to be sure.


Solid black seramas are able to be shown at ABA events.


Exchequer seramas are able to be shown at ABA events. Exchequer differs from mottled and are easily confused. They are generally 50/50 black and white feathers.


Blue has been approved as of January 2023 for ABA. We have a great video by an ABA judge on what a blue serama is.


Splash was also approved in January 2023 for ABA shows. We also have videos about the proper splash color.

Ginger Red

Ginger Red was accepted in January 2023 for ABA. Please visit the Bantam Standard for all plumage detail on all of these colors.

Table Top Shows

The saying goes…table top is color blind. What does that mean? it means that you can show ANY color serama you want on the table. Were you breeding white birds and one has green legs ? You can’t show that at an ABA in cage show BUT you can show that bird on the table, IF it has the correct body type among other factors. Breeding blues and that fantastic male has gold leakage ? That’s a no go for in cage shows but if he has what it takes for the table, go for it !

Seramas that do not meet the ABA color requirements, but have the same body type are referred to as “TRADITIONAL” seramas.

Ayam or extreme seramas can be shown at table top shows.

Table top shows are judged on the birds’ body type and their performance. Color does not matter at all ! You can earn points showing table top at an SCNA sanctioned show.