‘SCNA Growth Grants to Financially Support New Shows’

Consistent with our goal of expanding the love for Serama and Table Top Shows, this committee is proposing $4000 be earmarked for a grant fund to support new in-person SCNA-sanctioned shows. One of the biggest challenges of hosting a new show is fundraising to do so.
Eight $500 grants will be awarded to assist with necessities of show coordinator’s choice. All funds must be used toward expenses of hosting an in person SCNA Table Top show within one year of application. GC reserves the right to request evidence of funds use toward a necessary component of the show at its discretion.
Show must be held in the state or district the grant is requested for. No more than 2 grants will be awarded per a district total. Grants will continue to be provided up to the maximum allotted amount of $4000 is exhausted, at which time the GC can determine if any further funds should be provided to this fund after complete GC review of data.
Grant request form will be simple and accessible to be completed by show hosts, state representatives, and district representatives, but will be thorough as to ensure funds are allocated as best as possible to increase participation, membership, and outreach in promoting the Serama and table top showing! Application will include questions about the history of shows in the area and the need for a new show in a particular area and how it will benefit/reach new Serama fanciers. Applications should be submitted within 1 year of the show’s planned date.
Decisions to grant the application from the fund to be approved by the Governing Council (GC) within 7 days of submission and all required information. Grant decisions will be final and made by the GC taking into consideration the ability of the funds to expand participation and membership consistent with the vision for all states and districts to be active in SCNA.
Show sanction must be submitted and approved prior to receiving the funds, but we will approve grants knowing that a sanction application will be submitted after approval. Grant requests will be considered in the order they are received.
District meets are to be approved/chosen by the District Representative. Applications for funding for District Meets should be completed by the District Rep. State level shows requesting funding require applications be completed by the show coordinator or state rep, but coordination should occur with District Rep.
The goal is to disburse the entirety of this fund to support new shows and increase SCNA, particularly following a time of many show cancellations due to Covid. Shows requesting a grant should expect and show evidence of planning to be able to meet minimum exhibitor requirements required for SCNA exhibitor points. If the show is cancelled for a reason outside of show host’s control, the recipient agrees to host another show at the next available opportunity within 1 year or return the funds to the club.
Grants will be given to shows that are first time shows or in states/areas where shows were not held in the past 2 years. All grant guidelines must be adhered to in order to be eligible for additional grant funds in the future.
It is further proposed that the Show Committee with work internally to create a guide on how to set-up a new show and to inform the applicant of resources available for their use.