Judges Program

If you are interested in becoming an
SCNA Judge, you are in the right place!

First Steps

Application Process

The Serama Council of North America welcomes candidates 18 and older, who are interested in becoming licensed table-top judges. SCNA licensed judges are authorized to judge SCNA sanctioned table-top shows in North America. The SCNA judge is not authorized to judge APA or ABA (in-cage) shows.

You need to be an SCNA member for 24 consecutive months and  have a good poultry background in breeding and exhibiting Serama poultry.  You need to have raised Serama poultry for a minimum of two years, bred Serama to standard for a minimum of 2 years, and have participated in exhibition.

The very first thing to do, is submit the application to the Chairman of the Judges Committee to inform them of your intent to enter the program. You will be contacted in a timely manner to discuss further and told how to proceed.

After speaking with the judges chair, you will need to have 2 members in good standing, email a reference letter to the judges chair directly at .

Training Period

Stewardship Phase

After the clerk reviews your references, they will contact you and let you know if you have been accepted into the Judging Program. If so, the first part of the training period is Stewardship.

The Stewardship Program shall consist of clerking and discussing classes with various Judges at different shows with 40 or more birds per assignment. You will also work as a Judge’s Clerk with a minimum of three  judges at three different shows.

You will also complete all virtual judging assignments proposed by the Judges Committee.

Clerking will consist of shadowing the SCNA Licensed judge and marking down scoring as given onto the scorecard. The clerk should engage in conversation with the judge about type, condition, character, performance, and deductions.

Each candidate shall forward to the Committee Chair the three Judges’ forms that provide an unbiased evaluation of the candidate’s performance as a Judge’s Clerk or have each judge fill out the feedback form linked below.

Training Period II

Apprentice Phase

When you have completed the Stewardship phase, you will enter the Apprentice phase of training. You will have one year to complete both the stewardship and apprenticeship sections before sitting for your exam.

You will need to find 2 different shows to Apprentice Judge. These shows must be approved by the Judges Committee 6 to 8 weeks prior to the show date.

These 2 Apprenticeship assigments will consist of the Apprentice Judge scoring the birds while the licensed Judge acts as clerk, discussing and coordinating winners.


Final Steps

Written Exam

After completing both Training Phases, you will have one year to complete the Practical Showroom Examination and the Written Examination by an approved licensed Judge. You will be presented with a pass or fail grade.

When you have completed all these steps the committee will discuss your credentials and all feedback we’ve gotten. We will then make a recommendation to the Board of Directors and present you for approval.

Good Luck !

Do you need some help?

The Judge Committee Chair should be in constant contact with you through the process. You may email them with questions or contact your district or state rep for assistance as well.