Serama Council of
North America
End of Year Newsletter 2020

Presented for our members by Jenifer Lawyer, District Chair

Soooo...what happened in 2020?

For the first time since 2004, leg band are being offered beyond the preorder date!

We decide to give you the rebate discount right off the top,

AND order extra bands after the summer preorder so that any member ,

new or pre-existing,  can order leg bands through out the year! So get hatching!

You can STILL order them now!

Head to the “SHOP” on the website to order some, or more!

We added content to our website to help members

learn everything from Bathing to Breeding!

We hope to highlight certain members over the year- Here Alisa Kamon  Of Diamond Seramas in Florida,
asked her members what some of their challenges were….

*read their full answers on the website HERE 

“Alisa Kamon with Diamond Seramas, here!
I am  honored to be asked to help with the newsletter and
share how some of my members in florida answered this question:

“What is the biggest challenge you face raising birds,

and what did you need to change to meet them?”


G. Meyers Lewis (Ladybug Paradise Poultry.)

I retired in 2016, due to health issues.  I needed a therapeutic hobby that would help me through this difficult time in my life.    

The biggest challenge I faced raising birds involved finding the needed outdoor space that I felt was important in maintaining a healthy flock.  

My next goal was adequate and secure coop housing.  

My final challenge was safe food storage, in order to discourage bugs, rodents and critters.  

I am a true believer in the saying, “Where there is a will, there is a way.”  If you are teetering on the edge and trying to decide if a small backyard flock is right for you, get off the fence and go for it.  Not only will you receive the health benefits from having fresh eggs, you will enjoy the stress relief obtained while caring for your precious flock.  Your family, friends, and neighbors will reap the benefits as well when you share your baskets of eggs.


Sherri Roy

The biggest struggle I ever faced raising chickens. Was sticktight fleas transmitted from my neighbors rescued chickens. 

It took me over a year of thoroughly cleaning and spraying my coop with harsh chemicals. As well as treating my birds every 2 weeks or so. Finally we are sticktight flea free.


*Alisa Kamon

I am limited on space. I quickly learned that large fowl means large space to free range. So, I had to adjust my thought process.

I kept getting smaller and smaller. Now, I breed almost exclusively the smallest recognized breed of chicken in the world, the Serama.

I calculate chicken math and about 4 Seramas count as 1 large fowl chicken.Seramas just make complete sense and solved my space concerns. 🙂

*Alisa Kamon lives in Florida with her husband and young children.

She is the Florida State Representative for the Serama Council of North America

You may have missed these articles on the website!

Catch up on some great reading!

– Read this article from member Becky Shultz-

“How to Bathe a Serama – Photo Tutorial”

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We held our Annual

Governing Council Elections

Results are as follows

Governing Council Seats

were voted and announced, 

Votes were cast by membership and  verified by the Elections Committee.

Thank you to everyone for your participation.

New or continuing members of the governing council are:

Jenifer Lawyer    NH

Pascal Campbell  LA

Angela Panacci  OK

Krissy McLaughin  ME

Donnie Gallagher  OH

Appreciation to all members stepping up to run, it confirms the depth of investment that our members have!

Thank you to exiting members Laura Jenkins, Frank Lupton, Josiah Woodfield and David Osuna for their time on the board.

Support of our members is key going forward, thank you for being involved in the process!  – David Mills GC Clerk 2020

It is with great excitement to serve
that we introduce to you the 2021 Governing Council Board
Chairman – Pascal Campbell
Vice Chairman -Donnie Gallagher
District Chair – Jenifer Rousseau Lawyer
Show Secretary – David Mills
Council Clerk -Angela Panacci
Webmaster – Krissy Freedell McLaughlin
Sitting Member – Kenneth Howe
Treasurer – Jerry Schexnayder
The 2021 Governing Council will be working on new ideas
and ways to make our members feel welcomed and proud to be a part of SCNA.
-Council Clerk Angela Panacci-


2020 also started the FIRST of a line of educational materials available to our members.


Thank you to licensed judge Dexter Feilds for his enthusiam in his live demonstration of “Bathing and Grooming”

Stayed tuned for more relevant content and video coming soon!

We gave 3 members Lifetime Membership

for their contributions to the breed and clubs

2020 Shows and Results

We started the year strong with 3 shows in Texas, Mississippi and Oklahoma!

Then slowly, the country started shutting down in response to the Corona Virus Pandemic.

Dozens of shows were cancelled nation wide

How could we keep members engaged and still have the structure of in person exhibition?

The Governing Council made a decision to do something the SCNA has never done before….


This will be an option for our club until we we are able

to meet again in person to share the joy of tabletop shows!

Take a look back at the in person

and virtual Shows of 2020. 

2021 can only get better!


Boot Scootin' Serama Show
Fort Worth, TX

Pearl River Classic
Columbia , MS

Sooner Classic
Norman , OK

Spring 2020
NATIONAL Virtual Show!

Who would have thought we would not be able to hold in person shows!
As COVID plowed across the US,
the Governing Council thought....
"How can we keep our members showing, when they cant leave their homes???"
Soooo....SCNA introduced the first EVER virtual sanctioned tabletop show!
Open to all SCNA members in the country!
It took an army but we got it done!

We have set the standards and programs in place to continue this
method of exhibition until we come out on the other side of this pandemic!

10-31- 2020
District 4
Virtual Show

District 5

November to Remeber
Norman OK

A November To Remember

Youth show results

Overall Champion Male- Peyton Prichard

Overall Champion Female- Peyton Prichard

High Point Male- Ada Shipman

High Point Female- JuliAnn James

Champion Cock- Demi Grider

Reserve Champion Cock- Peyton Prichard

Champion Cockerel- Peyton Prichard

Reserve Champion Cockerel- Ada Shipman

Champion Hen- Demi Grider

Reserve Champion Hen-JuliAnn James

Champion Pullet- Peyton Prichard

Reserve Champion Pullet- Peyton Prichard


Virtual Show

Red Stick
Baton Rouge LA


Open Show Results

Champion Male- Pascal Campbell

Reserve Champion Male- Payton Prichard

Champion Female- Laura Jenkins

Reserve Champion Female- Pascal Campbell

High Point Male- Pascal Campbell

High Point Female- Laura Jenkins

Champion Cock- Payton Prichard

Reserve Champion Cock- Lender Schexnayder

Champion Cockerel- Pascal Campbell

Reserve Champion Cockerel- Lender Schexnayder

Champion Hen- Pascal Campbell

Reserve Champion Hen- Lauren Ventrella

Champion Pullet- Pascal Campbell

Reserve Champion Pullet- Carrie Keith

Champion Frizzled Male- Payton Prichard

Reserve Champion Frizzled Male- Lauren Ventrella

Champion Frizzled Female- Laura Jenkins

Reserve Champion Frizzled Female- Pascal Campbell

Champion Silkied Male- Laura Jenkins

Champion Silkied Female- Laura Jenkins

Champion Ayam Male- Pascal Campbell

Reserve Champion Ayam Male- Pascal Campbell

Champion Ayam Female- Pascal Campbell

Reserve Champion Ayam Female- Pascal Campbell

Norman OK


ONLY sanctioned SCNA shows (virtual or in person) are able to use

the exclusive Serama Trophy toppers (sculpted to extreme detail !)

by Jennifer Pike at

She can customise in any finish or accessory you’d like to embellish with. Help support local artists and make your shows one people will go out of their way for the chance to win the awards!  See some examples below!

Updates and 




2020 nationals were cancelled due to covid restrictions.

They have been rescheduled!!! 

April 23-24,  2021


MARCH 20 2021

DISTRICT 6,7,8 and 9 combined Sanctioned Virtual Show

Check in with the facebook pages for updates! 

SCNA Grants

to Financially Support New Shows !!!


Consistent with our goal of expanding the love for Serama and Table Top Shows, we will be setting up a grant fund to support new in-person SCNA-sanctioned shows.  Stay tuned for details!


The new Breeders ads are UNBELIEVABLE!

Remember when it was just your name and contact info on the website?


Check out some of these screenshots from my actual Ad! 
Click the first pic to open a larger scrolling gallery to see the detail you can put in there! The possibilities are endless!
When you purchase an Ad from the shop,  it is on the website for one year and can be shared everywhere…across social medias, email and text!
You can also edit it and add or remove info  you need to, keep it fresh and relevant!
Photo GALLERIES, contact info, map location, social media links, videos, biography “About me” section!

ALSO we have sales ads available to members only!

Does facebook and other platforms remove your sales posts? NOT HERE! 
Once you make an ad through your membership, you can SHARE THE LINK
on any platform and it wont get deleted!
Dont let regulations stop you from selling your birds or eggs!