District Rep Duties and Expectations

                                   SCNA DISTRICT REPRESENTATIVE


The District Representative position is nominated and is directly overseen by the District Council Chairman on the Governing Council. 


In collaboration and agreement with the District Council Chairman, the District Representative may also appoint a Co-District Representative that has been an SCNA member in good standing for at least 1 year. With Chairman approval, the District Representative is also responsible for appointing the state representatives within their district, in states where no State Council is present.


The District Representative will make recommendations for any District Meet/Show each year to the Governing Council for approval. In active areas, it is highly encouraged to designate a show each year as the District Meet when it is possible.


The District Representative is expected to be the liaison between the Governing Council and the State Representatives/State Councils and act as a channel of information back and forth. The District Representative should be very familiar with show rules and show management in order to guide new councils or members putting on shows. It is the responsibility of the District Representative to follow the activities of the states in their region, to make sure that SCNA is being represented in a positive manner, and that activities conform with SCNA’s mission statement. 


The District Representative is expected to aid the Membership Secretary with reaching out to members who have let their membership expire and also our Newsletter editor with summaries of events, both past and upcoming. The District Representative should also keep a list of membership in their districts in order to help promote shows and events. The Membership Secretary can provide the District Representative updated lists and can also send out email blasts to district members upon request. The District Representative should also send show information to the SCNA Webmaster for posting on the website.

The District Representative is expected to encourage state reps to include youth options at shows and  events to retain and increase youth membership . Ideas, pamphlets, and examples can be provided by the District Council Chairman. If present in their District, District Representatives should check in periodically with Youth Judging Candidates in their region and encourage their progress. 


The District Council Chairman may call online meetings from time to time if warranted. District Representatives are expected to participate in these meetings. 


SCNA expects all persons in leadership to lead by example. As a primary point of contact within their District, it is also important that the District Representative demonstrates organization and follow-through in their commitments and always present themselves in such a way that reflects positively upon SCNA. Failure to do so may result in disciplinary actions found in CBL By Laws Article 1, Section 5 and Impeachment in Article III, Section 8, Paragraph 8.5