Welcome Youth Members

Welcome youth members

Welcome to our serama family ! This ever growing website will be your resource for all things serama. In this members only area of the site, we have links to many educational articles and FAQ you can navigate thought the site menu. For account info, change of address, to print your membership card, change billing info, etc… use the My SCNA link in the menu. Most of what you are probably looking for, will be in the resources section, where you can print educational brochures, look at the standard of perfection, find judges lists, show sanctioning information, templates for score cards and many other helpful materials.  
If there are any questions not addressed here, feel free to send us an email or connect with one of us on your district Facebook page. 

We have made it so that all junior members do not appear on our membership directory. We do this for privacy reasons. 

If you are looking for a mentor to learn from, please reach out to your district or state rep, or contact our membership committee at membership@scnaonline.org to connect you with someone.