Video Rules for Virtual Show

This is an SCNA Sanctioned Show. SCNA rules apply, as if you were at an actual show!

  • IT IS REQUIRED that you include a piece of paper at the beginning of the video which identifies yourself and the class, so we can match birds to entries. You can use your invoice # as well from when you submitted your form. 

  • Videos should be 90 seconds, give or take 10 seconds. Very short videos will result in a DQ! 

  • DO NOT edit your videos! It is to be one, continuous video with no cuts or edits. This will result in a DQ.

  • DO NOT touch the bird beyond 15 seconds after putting it on the table. This will result in a DQ

  • You can talk, clap, cheer, etc as you would at a regular show. 

  • Tapping the table minimally is allowed if the bird slacks off, but no hovering over birds, excessively hitting the table, or manipulating the table’s surface covering. Excessive physical interaction with the bird will result in a DQ, this is hands off table-top performance. 

  • There is a 10 bird LIMIT per exhibitor for this show, there is also a 5 bird LIMIT per category. 


Submit your videos  to Josiah Woodfield via PM or email