American Points Update

Did You Know ?

Over 60% of our membership is over 3-6 hours from any tabletop shows? That those same majority of members may be much much farther away from even other SCNA member’s?

From the Show Secretary

Updates for members

Show committee was tasked to see if American Serama showing can be recognized for scna in any capacity beyond a tabletop sanctioned show.

This was not easy. Specific reports from host clubs are not freely available to confirm wins of all varieties at all shows (BV/RV). After months of research nationally snd talking with show secretaries , I know I can confirm BB/RB and SCCL.. The point of researching this was to recognize opportunities to ONLY what can confirmed or offered consistently across the US to ALL SCNA members.

GC Approved this option available for all members to be recognized for in cage shows.

There will be an American Serama Recognition sanction for this to be done ahead of time for the show to count.

Sanctioning Gives me the specific info and allows me to follow up an confirm that shows and judges are valid.

This is not retro active to past shows that have happened already. This takes effect Jan 1 2024.

Yes, These points are lower than the potential at a sanctioned TT/ABA show. But it does Give ALL membership ability to earn points for scna somewhere in the US, including the 60% or more members in obscure parts of the country with low density and no TT shows.

They can still compete with in our club, they can show and grow/learn about better typed birds and create fellowship locally at in cage shows. The increase and start up of tabletop shows will follow suit. Points are not important to all members, but they are to MANY and that is why this is offered. Membership retention is difficult in the majority of our members, so giving them something to work on and with can make a difference in them sticking with the breed long enough to improve it locally.

The goal is to keep our membership engaged with the breed , All membership. This is critical in the growth of SCNA and the ultimate goal of QUALITY SERAMAS BEING EXHIBITED NATIONALLY.


Potential points need to be competetively EARNED , and will be awarded to ONLY Best/reserve of Breed and SCCL. No BV/RV available at this time.


American Serama wins at a Non TT SCNA shows (ABA-APA only)


BB- 8 points, RB- 4 points, Sccl- 10 points, Reserve sccl- 5 points.