State Rep Expectations and Duties


*Please note: Some states have an established and approved State Council.  The following would apply to those states with an established State Council versus a State Representative.

The State Representative is appointed by the District Representative or District Chair to serve as an event coordinator and to lead public outreach efforts for SCNA activities within a particular state. 

There are no limits to the length of term the State Representative may serve. This appointment is directly under the supervision of the District Representative. If the District Representative role is vacant, the District Chair will oversee the State Representative and reserve all rights given to the District Representative. This appointment may be made or terminated at any time based solely upon the best interests of the district. At their sole discretion, the District Representative may appoint a Co-State Representative. It is expected that all representatives maintain their membership with the SCNA without lapse.

The State Representative’s main objective is to organize and coordinate shows and events within their specific state. The individual or individuals holding this appointment should be passionate about expanding the SCNA’s presence and reach within their state. They should be passionate, friendly, dedicated, and of high integrity and moral character. The State Representative should demonstrate respect toward the SCNA, Governing Council members, judges, District Representatives, community liaisons, and all club members. Further, they should be knowledgeable as to the breed and SOP as promoted by SCNA or demonstrate evidence of commitment and progress with learning this information. This knowledge is important for positive promotion of the SCNA and breed.

The appointed State Representative may approach existing poultry associations or established APA/ABA shows about adding Tabletop shows, hosting demonstrations at scheduled events, or they may coordinate Meet & Greets at fairs, feed stores, or parks, etc. Your District Representative may also request your help in promoting activities specifically directed at encouraging youth participation. The State Representative should recruit volunteers from the club’s local membership to assist with events and table top shows. The State Representative should be aware that all SCNA events should demonstrate consistency with established protocols and accepted procedures. As such, table top shows should be conducted using the SCNA Show Manager’s packet or other provided approved resources as a clear guide. 

While working on expanding the presence of the SCNA and table top showing to the state represented, the State Representative should also promote increased membership both virtually and in-person. This may consist of sharing information about the club, inviting new fanciers to join the SCNA, and helping to educate new fanciers as to SCNA club and breed standards. While many State Representatives will help new members to obtain Serama for showing and/or breeding purposes, promoting the SCNA and Serama as a breed in positive ways should take priority over personal poultry or farm sales or promotion. There may be District meets as well as SCNA National / Semi-National events within the District. State representatives are encouraged to participate and assist with these larger district levels shows.

The State Representative may lead fundraising efforts within their state to fund table top shows or other SCNA activities in their state. All fundraising efforts should be coordinated with the District Representative and accurate and transparent records and accounting should be available and always maintained. SCNA maintains a non-profit status and no individual should profit from fundraising efforts as an individual per SCNA’s Constitution and By-Laws. 

While State Representatives and State Council members are the show managers and event planners, your District Representative is your promoter and liaison. State Reps/State Councils should keep in close contact with the District Representatives: Sharing news, event information, issues, or questions and confirming that all efforts align with the overall goals of the District and Council. Your District Representative can forward your information and questions to the correct place, serve as your liaison to the Governing Council, or send out email blasts to members in your district. 

SCNA expects all persons in leadership to lead by example. As a primary point of contact within their state, it is also important that the Representative demonstrates organization and follow-through in their commitments and always present themselves in such a way that reflects positively upon SCNA. Failure to do so may result in disciplinary actions found in CBL By Laws Article 1, Section 5 and Impeachment in Article III, Section 8, Paragraph 8.5