Serama Standards

Official Standards written by the SCNA

Standards & Addendums

The following standards have been written by the SCNA, with the American Variety Standards being accepted by the ABA. Specific color and plumage standards are published in the ABA Bantam Standard.  

American Standard

The American Serama Standard is referred to when discussing American Bantam Association (ABA) or American Poultry Association (APA) in-cage judging

Traditional Standard

The Serama Standard is referred to when discussing Tabletop exhibition of Serama. 

Ayam/ Malaysian Standard

The table top stasndard for the more “extreme” type of serama. 

Frizzled Standards

Frizzled is a recognized type of Serama. American colored frizzled birds can be shown in cage at ABA shows. 

Silkied Standards

Silkied Serama body feathers are unbarbed and lay closer and flatter to the body.