2021 Cajun Serama Classic April 23-24

It’s not too late to enter in the SCNA Nationals! SCNA Members can earn double show points and have the opportunity to have their name on the SCNA National perpetual plaque and the Cajun Classic perpetual trophy! Come join the fun! You do not have to be an SCNA member to show. You also do not have to show to attend! Come enjoy the show even if you aren’t entering birds. 

Cajun Classic ENTRY FORMS!

There are two separate entry forms, one for Open and one for Youth.

Our Youth class for the Cajun Classic is Youth Traditional which means only Traditional Smooth feathered birds. Silkied, Frizzled, and Ayam will be shown in the Open class only. Youth may enter any class for the $3 youth fee per entry, but the only class that is solely for Youth is Youth Traditional.

Please also keep in mind that American entries cannot be entered In-Cage AND Table Top only one or the other. Champion American comes back for the “Best Of The Best” Tier at the end of the show.

Here is the OPEN entry form-


Contact cajunclassic@scnaonline.org with any questions!

You can also visit the Cajun Classic Facebook page for updates and more information. https://www.facebook.com/groups/580638775346868