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SCNA Governing Council Members

Council Members


Governing Council


Chairman Kenneth Howe
Vice Chairman Frank Lupton
District Council Chair
Council Clerk Shannon Trivett
Show Secretary-Jenifer Lawyer
Treasurer Jerry Schexnayder
Webmaster/HistorianKrissy McLaughlin
Members at Large: Shannon Wilson, Ethan Kean, Josiah Woodfield and Lisa Beverlin

Special Appointments:
Membership Secretary– Krissy McLaughlin


Constitution & Bylaws Committee:

Chair: Shannon Trivett

Jaime Sanchez

Frank Lupton

Judges, Licensing & Standards: 

Chair: Josiah Woodfield

Jenifer Lawyer

Kate Meyers

David Osuna

ABA Liaison: William Patterson

Shows, Points, and Awards:

Chair: Jenifer Lawyer

Kelsie Anderson

Lisa Beverlin

Membership, Publicity,
Public Relations & Internet:


Chair: Angela Heili

Eryn Briggs

Jenifer Lawyer

Krissy McLaughlin

Shannon Trivett

Kathryn Reynolds

Tracie Perbtani

SCNA Special Committee

Technical Development

Chair: Krissy McLaughlin

Jenifer Lawyer

Shannon Trivett

Angela Heli

Lisa Beverlin

Finance, Ways, & Means: 

Chair: Kenneth Howe

Jenifer Lawyer

Ethan Kean

Elections Committee:


Chosen Before each election

Cabinet Committee:

D1- Jenifer Lawyer

D2-Brannon Usko

D3-Angela Heili

D4- Noelle Reagan

D5- Frank Lupton

D6- Vacant

D7- Vacant

D8-Lisa Beverlin

D9-Julie Chrstensen