SCNA Semi-National Application 2020


Section 1. National Meets: 1.1

The National and Semi National shall be the most important meets of the SCNA.

The Semi National Meet shall be held each year between July 1st & December 31st, unless the Governing Council decides not to hold it or select another date.

The location of the Semi National Meet will be chosen by the Governing Council with consideration given to allowing the meet to rotate around the country. Priority will be given to the Districts and Councils offering the SCNA publicity, a high number of exhibitors and birds and the ability to hold a Table Top show.

Districts and Councils wishing to bid on these meets should present the Governing Council with a bid highlighting these items and any other information pertinent to placement of the meet such as number of hotels and restaurants in the area near the show.

Bids can be entered online during a time announced by the Council Clerk each year, and will end August 1st for Semi-National for the following year’s show.

All areas of the country will be considered for the placement of these Meets.

All Judges who Judge Serama National Shows shall have an SCNA License. The Show Committee, with the aid of the Governing Council Chairperson, District Chair , Chairperson and Rep. of the Council or District to whom the Meet has been awarded shall make the preparations for the show.

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