Past Events

10/13/2019  New Hampshire Poultry Fanciers Show  was at Deerfield Fairgrounds

01/18/2020  Fort Worth, TX : Southwestern Exposition & Livestock Show  was at Will Rogers Memorial Center

01/25/2020  Columbia MS : CAJUN SERAMA COUNCIL : Pearl River Classic APA / SCNA Tabletop show  was at Columbia Expo Center

03/28/2020 - 03/29/2020  Harrington, DE - Delmarva Serama Classic  was at Delaware State Fairgrounds

03/28/2020  Marietta, OH : SCNA 2nd Annual Table Top Show  was at Washington County Fairgrounds

04/04/2020  Guthrie, OK : Serama Territorial Classic  was at Logan County Fairgrounds

05/03/2020  ***POSTPONED * STAY TUNED*** Walpole, MA : SCNA District 1 North Atlantic / New England Bantam Club Spring Show  was at Norfolk Agricultural School

05/09/2020 - 05/10/2020  ***POSTPONED * STAY TUNED***Sidney, OH : Moon City Poultry Club Show  was at Shelby County Fairgrounds

05/09/2020  ***POSTPONED * STAY TUNED***Tunbridge, VT - Green Mountain Poultry Show/District 1 Tabletop Show  was at Tunbridge Fairgrounds

05/16/2020  CANCELLED FOR 2020 DUE TO COVID-19 Quarantine: planning on 2021 *** Jefferson, OH : Midwest Serama Fest Table Top Show  was at Ashtabula County Fairgrounds

06/13/2020  Canfield, OH : Buckeye Fancy Feather Club Table Top Show  was at Canfield Fairgrounds

07/03/2020 - 07/04/2020  Wheaton, IL - Serama TableTop Competition and Expo "Chicago Style"  was at DuPage Country Fairgrounds

08/07/2020 - 08/08/2020  *NEW DATE August 7-8th 2020 Baton Rouge, LA : Cajun Classic SCNA NATIONALS  was at LSU Mini Farm John Parker Agricultural Coliseum

08/08/2020  Cajun Serama Council Stand Alone Table Top Show  was at LSU Mini Farm John M Parker Agricultural Coliseum

11/28/2020  Heart of America Mini Mega  was at Kansas State Fairgrounds

12/04/2020 - 12/05/2020  SCNA Nationals, Cajun Serama Classic  was at Baton Rouge, LA

12/12/2020  Cajun Serama Council SCNA Table Top / RSPC ABA/APA In-Cage Joint Show  was at John M Parker Agricultural Coliseum

03/20/2021  SPRING INTO SERAMA Districts 6,7,8 and 9 VIRTUAL TABLE TOP SHOW!  was at ONLINE

04/10/2021  Daffodil Dandy Serama Tabletop Show  was at Ryan Ranch

04/23/2021 - 04/24/2021  Cajun Classic National Serama Show  was at John M Parker Agricultural Coliseum

06/05/2021 - 06/06/2021  District 5 2021 Meet. Wild About Serama  was at Cleveland County Fairgrounds

07/09/2021 - 07/10/2021  Serama Vacation  was at Wayne County Fairgrounds, Wayne, NE

07/23/2021 - 07/25/2021  SCNA SEMI NATIONALS 7-24-2021  was at Forest Grange

08/08/2021  Blue Ridge Serama Classic  was at Elizabeth Brown Memorial Park

08/17/2021 - 09/07/2021  First Annual "Birds Gone Wild" SCNA District 3 Virtual TT Show  was at ONLINE VIRTUAL

09/11/2021  IL-MO Poultry Show  was at Madison County Fairgrounds

09/25/2021  Virginia State Fair Table Top Event  was at State Fair Of Virginia

09/25/2021  Salute to Seramas  was at John M parker Agricultural Coliseum on LSU Campus

10/23/2021  SCNA "Strut Your Stuff" Serama Table Top Show - FLORIDA IN PERSON  was at Suwannee River Fair Pavilion

11/06/2021  Hunting for the Best  was at Cleveland County Fairgrounds