Nominations for 2025 GC

Nomination Form for Governing Council 2025
Open until August 7th 2024

Governing Council Nomination Form 2024

Elections for 2025 Governing Council will be held in October 2024 Those members of the present Governing Council whose seats are up for re-election or replacement include: Shannon Wilson, Cari Bellendorf, Lisa Beverlin and Frank Lupton.

GC members who will continue in 2025 will be Jaime Sanchez, Josiah Woodfield and Laura Jenkins
Governing Council members serve a 2 year term, for a maximum of 4 consecutive years.

The current term up for election serves Jan. 1, 2025- Dec 31, 2026
For more information about the GC positions, please visit this page Governing Council and Committee Information

Who can be nominated?

All SCNA members, who have been members for a minimum of 2 years

Who can nominate a member to serve on Governing Council?

All SCNA members shall be welcome to submit a Nominations Form to the Council Clerk, with the name of another SCNA member, who has been a member for at least 2 years and whom they feel would make a good candidate to the Council.

Can I volunteer / nominate myself?

All SCNA members, who have been members for a minimum of 2 years, are welcome to submit, under their own signature, a request to the Council Clerk by use of this Nomination Form, to have their own name placed on the List of Candidates. A statement of personal qualifications shall accompany it, along with any disclosures of felony convictions.

What happens after the nomination period ends?

The Council Clerk shall advise the member nominee, who shall submit a certificate of willingness to be considered a candidate for elections.
The Council Clerk will then submit the list of names of the candidates who have accepted their nomination in alphabetical order, along with their statement of personal qualifications, to the Council by August 8th, 2024, and shall list them on the SCNA secure internet website on or before August 15th, 2024.

How are elections handled?

Should there be more than one nomination for open positions; the Council Clerk shall send a ballot via email to all eligible voters on September 20th . The ballot shall list the names of the candidates in alphabetical order for the positions that show more than one possible candidate.
Should there be a single nomination for each open elective office or position to the Council, the Nominating Committee’s Slate of Candidates shall be automatically declared as elected at the time of the close of Nominations, and no balloting shall be required. Should there not be a candidate filing for each open elective office or position, or a nomination for each one by the deadline date, the Council may select a desirable member for the same with their consent and the name shall be included in the Slate of Candidates.

Please fill out the below form with your nominee.