Member Levels

membership levels

Benefits of Membership

Besides supporting the #1 organization promoting the Serama in North America, the following items are some of benefits and perks of being an SCNA member.

* Monthly virtual shows where you do the judging, compare to certified judges, and earn cash for matching their scores.
* Access to members only website content, such as support and guidance from award-winning judges and breeders in breeding to the Standards of Perfection.
* Access to the most current Ayam, Traditional, and American Serama standards of perfection which are used by the ABA and APA. 
* Access to the members directory to find other Serama enthusiasts in your area.
* Access to SCNA leg bands, and to be a part of the oldest Serama only leg band registry in the United States.
* Over 30 licensed judges to utilize at SCNA sanctioned table top shows.
* Exclusive custom Serama trophy topper available for purchase or win at licensed SCNA shows.
* Extensive reference materials for Table top and American Serama written by licensed judges and committees.
* Over 30 sanctioned shows to attend annually put on nation wide.
* Ability to grow show opportunities in your area with direct support and guidance from council members.
* A personal membership profile on our website for you to share your content and photos.
* Uncensored sales posts for your birds or eggs which get traffic internally and also have the ability to share it externally across any social media.
* Earn Points and awards within the club to recognize long term exhibition achievements.
* Show Grants are available to give financial assistance to sanctioned shows in every State and District. (coming soon)
* “SCNA UNIVERSITY” video tutorials covering all areas of breeding, showing, and caring for Seramas.

Individual Adult $20

12 month membership for Serama Council of North America for one adult.

Family $25

12 month membership for Serama Council of North America for two or more people living in the same household.

Youth (under 18) $5

Our Individual Youth Membership is for youth, under age 18, that are not already included in a family membership.

Lifetime SCNA Membership $250

A One Time Payment will make you an SCNA Member for Life.