Governing Council 9 meeting Sept 19th 2023, 7:30 pm

Attendees:  Ken Howe, Josiah Woodfield, Frank Lupton, Shannon Wilson, Cari Bellendorf, Lisa Beverlin, Jenifer Lawyer, Krissy McLaughlin

Absent: Shannon Trivett

  • Old Business:
    • Quarterly Newsletter Update: District Chair, Lisa Beverlin will pick this up in October.
    • Judges Committee: Josiah Woodfield:
      • Committee to discuss and review the balance of type vs. performance in TableTop judging.
      • Model of Excellence – Committee will supply judges printed judges’ material and work to improve understanding of all types and variety.
      • Ayam Standard Update: Committee recommends Ayam Standard verbiage to match the existing judging Instructions.
    • Judges Coats: Jenifer working to supply, at SCNA expense, a judge’s coats with SCNA patch to each Judge before January 1, 2024.
    • Code of Conduct: Frank- Committee is working on 2 minor revisions and is evaluating how to best ensure the members are aware of the code of conduct.
    • Ballot Update: Ken: Oct 1st will be the deadline to submit the willingness to serve form (and be included on the ballot) and the nominee bio if desired.
    • Copyright Status: Krissy and Jenifer are coordinating to submit 10 SCNA to commissioned. Goal for submission January 1, 2024


  • New Business:
    • American In-Cage SCNA Points Program: Show Committee will continue to study the feasibility of SCNA offering in cage points at ABA/APA only shows.
    • Cabinet Committee update: Lisa will resurrect the committee with focus on
      • Grow SCNA membership in each district.
      • Youth engagement
      • online educational events.
    • Youth Outreach: Josiah Woodfield is spearheading a virtual show & education outreach
    • Exhibitor Handbook – Krissy is working to publish an all-inclusive exhibitor handbook for the website.
    • Modern Malaysian Class inclusion – will remain a non-sanctioned fun class until at least 2025.
  • Tabled for future meeting:
    • Clarification, publication, and marketing of mission statement.