Governing Council 9/10 meeting Nov 27, 2023

Attendees:  Ken Howe, Frank Lupton, Shannon Wilson, Cari Bellendorf, Lisa Beverlin, Jenifer Lawyer, Krissy McLaughlin

Absent: Shannon Trivett, Josiah Woodfield, Jaime Sanchez, Laura Jenkins

Purpose of meeting, to wrap up 2023 and what was a ccomplished and status of projects going into 2024 with new GC.


  • Jenifer Lawyer updated and recapped the overview of the new American points program to award ABA sanctioned show winners of Best of Breed and Reserve of breed, SCNA points. Discussed reporting procedure and sanction forms that need to be built and put in place before Jan 1, 2024.
  • Juges Coats are a slow process, each being ordered one at a time. Finances approved and being worked on with Jerry.
  • Committee reporting procedures need to be ironed out and be done regularly starting in 2024. Frank as VC will head up process. 2024 Committees have yet to be seated.
  • Code of Conduct revisions need a yes/no ballot to be done and presented to members asap. Shannon T/Krissy will take care of.
  • Copyright of Images: all 10 images have been gathered but not clear on if all 10 can. besubmitted together or individually. Emil to the copyright office has been sent, waiting for clarification in a reply.
  • Judges Committee/Josiah had given info to Ken prior to this meeting, stating that the 60/40 type/performance discussion and rule had been approved and was iin the process of being distributed to the current SCNA judges. All paperwork and info needs to be updated and given. tothe webmaster to make sure all info is up to date on the website regarding this.
  • 2023 Exhibitors of the year will have points tallied after the final 3 upcoming shows of the year have been recapped. Announcement should be sometime in January 2024.