GC 10 Quarterly Meeting, March 28th 2024

Attendees: Jaime Sanchez, Frank Lupton, Lisa Beverlin, Josiah Woodfield, Shannon Wilson,

Cari Bellendorf, Jenifer Lawyer, Krissy McLaughlin

Absent: Laura Jenkins

The Purpose of this meeting was to provide an update on each committee’s progress.

Meeting was called to order via teleconference at 5 pm PST by Chairman Jaime Sanchez.

Minutes of previous minutes were read, Frank moved to accept, motion passed unanimously.

Treasurer’s Report was read as posted on the Dues Paid Facebook page. Josiah moved to

accept, motion passed unanimously.

Show Committee – Jenifer reported that the 2023 points audit has been completed for youth,

open and American, and year end awards have been mailed. Youth rules have been more

thoroughly explained, and an update will be submitted to GC for approval. Show points will

be audited as they are submitted this year.

Judges Committee – Josiah reported that the Ayam standard wing clarification was

completed, copying a statement from the judge’s notes section to the main standard. A new,

updated and illustrated Judge’s Guide has been completed and is in the process of being

reproduced and mailed to currently licensed judges. The Committee continues to work with

judge prospects on certification. The Modern Malaysian and Booted divisions continue to be

monitored. Concerns have surfaced on some birds being shown in the incorrect type class,

the committee will work on educational outreach to alleviate the entry issue.

CBL Committee – Lisa reported that the changes to the Terms and Conditions section of the

CBL passed by the Membership in 2023 were framed into a new document, saved on Google

Drive, and posted on the website. The Committee will work from now until September to

update any outdated verbiage in the CBL and present it to the membership for the fall vote.

Ways & Means Committee – Frank reported the roll out of an innovative Exhibitor Incentive &

Breeder Recognition program for 2024. This trial program will award $50 via PayPal to the

Overall Champion of Show if they are wearing a seamless SCNA Leg band. If the Champion is

not eligible, the $50 goes to the Reserve of Show if they are wearing a seamless SCNA leg

band. If neither the Overall Show Champion or Reserve is wearing a seamless SCNA Leg band,

the $50 is forfeited. The monetary prize is increased to $200 for Nationals and Semi

Nationals. The leg band color and number will be reported to the SCNA show secretary.

Tech Committee – Krissy reported the annual Siteground renewal has been completed, and

all standard images and payment has been submitted to the US Gov Copyright Office, now we

are waiting for copyright certificates. Currently in progress is the website editor conversion

from Elementor to Divi, restructuring the Members Resources Page into separate pages, and

composing a thoroughly explained and illustrated Exhibitor’s Guide.

Membership Committee – Laura was unable to attend and provide a report.

Other New Business was discussed, no action to report.

Motion to adjourn was made by Lisa, and passed unanimously.

Minutes recorded by Lisa Beverlin, Clerk. Approved 4/5/24