Council and Committee Information

Get Involved with the scna

Would you lke to get more involved in our club?

The SCNA is always looking for qualfied indivduals to fill postions on various committees and on the Governing Council. Below is the information and qualifications in order to serve in any of these volunteer positions.
Committees are generally filled at the beginning of the year, after GC positions are voted into office, but we are always open to talking with interested members.

Governing Council

Every year, the SCNA holds elections to seat a 7 member Governing Council. The available seats rotate yearly, sometimes wth 3 or 4 positons to fill at a tme. To serve on the GC, you must be a member of at least 2 years in good standing. An email goes out to all members and a Facebook post is made when it is time to call for nominations, with instructions on how to do so. An election is held soon after, and the members wth the highest votes will be seated on the following years’ GC.


  • While all positions on the GC are volunteer positions, a time committment is a must. You need to be available to discuss a variety of issues, sometmes on a daily basis and be able to vote on things in a timely manner.
  • The GC follows the Council By Laws (CBL) and are bound to conduct busness based on it’s content. You will be required to be famliar with this document.
  • Being a member of the GC can be stressful, as everyone will not have the same views on subjects. You must be able to handle yourself professionally when discussions get heated!
  • Being a member of the GC is also fun of course. Coming up wth new ideas and ways to do things which will benefit the club, is a rewarding experience.


  • Be an SCNA Member in good standing for a minimum of 2 years. 
  • Have enough spare time to be engaged and avialable.
  • Ability to be objective and fair in conversaton and decisions. 

What do committees do ?

Constitution and By Laws

This committee handles any discussion or changes to the CBL document. 

Judges, Licenses and Standards

Experienced judges and long time members that handle the important issues of breed standards, handle new judge applications and progress and is key to communication wth the ABA.

Show, Points and Awards

One of the backbones of the SCNA are how shows are conducted, points awarded and awards for various accomplishments as exhibitors and breeders. This integral commitee handles all things related to exhbition. 

Membership, Publicity, Public Relations and Internet

Handles all aspects of membership, creative ideas for members, controls Facebook and social media and website content.

Election Committee

This committee is chosen before an election for the purpose of reviewing the process and overseeing the results. 

Special Committee for Technical Development

This committe handles the server side and  back end of the website, any new technical ideas and impliments them. Also tests new products online.

Financial Ways and Means

Determines what money is available for grants and any other programs or sows presented. 

Cabinet Committee

This committee is made up of members from each district. The purpose of this committee is to discuss regional needs and trends and brainstorm ideas for the club. 


Interested? Talk with our District Chair for more information.