Show Recap Forms

For Show Managers

New Online Forms

As of Nov 1 2021, we have new show recap forms. These are extremely complex forms, as they self calculate points. Because of this, you cannot use a phone or mobile device to fill them out. Phone browsers will NOT calculate the forms properly. You MUST use a desktop browser which are capable of handling conditional logic.

We have 4 new forms. The Open TT form will link you to the Junior Form if you select it at the beginning of the form. The Open American/In Cage form will also link you to the Junior form if you select you had a Junior In cage show as well.   They are linked separately below in case you wanted to fill them out at different times. All points are double and triple checked before being transferred to the master sheet. If you see a class that does not calculate correctly, let us know. It CAN happen and we are watching it and making sure they are corrected if this happens.