Districts 4,5,6 Virtual Show

Division 2 (Districts 4,5,6) Final Results!

This show had 144 entries! 37 Junior Entries, 107 Open Entries, 10 Junior Exhibitors, and 17 Open Exhibitors!
Congratulations to everyone! This was a great show, lots of entries and quality to match. On behalf of the SCNA Show Committee, I want to thank our Division 2 Judge Chaili Baldwin for judging this show. Thank you to Krissy Freedell McLaughlin for all of your time and dedication to this project!
Please Note– every bird on this poster ADVANCES to the FINALS. NEW VIDEOS are REQUIRED for the Finals. Exhibitors are responsible for getting their videos submitted by MAY 31ST– lack of new videos invalidates entry and becomes a DQ for Finals.

Tier 2 Videos

Tier One Class Videos (with scorecards)