District 4 IN, IL, MI, MN, OH, WI
Traditional, American White, American Exchequer, American Blue, American Splash, Eggs
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Breeder of show quality Traditional American Seramas smooth feather.  Offering hatching eggs and grow outs. Current color projects, white, blue, splash, exchequer, and chocolate.  NPIP

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    5 star breeder
    If you are looking for  a breeder who really cares about her birds and her customers alike, look no further. Shelia at SS Seramas is very honest and she has high quality show birds that are healthy and cared for. One of the best secrets for success when purchasing hatching eggs is to buy […]
    Such a great breed advocate!
    If you're looking for top notch Serama to show, that are super friendly and have stunning type, look no further! Shelia is a great and honest breeder! Her exchequer and splash are beyond stunning! The best of that variety I have ever seen!