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District 1 ME, NH, VT, MA, RI, NY, NJ
Traditional, American White, American Black, American Exchequer, American Blue, American Splash, Eggs
About Us

Kenneth Howe, former SCNA Governing Council Member and past Chairman. Also District rep of  Massachusetts.

Breeder and Exhibitor of  Traditional/American Serama. We specialize in this smooth type only.

Achieved Master Breeder and Exhibitor of the year in 2019 overall in the entire SCNA showing Table Top.

Accumulated the most point showing Table Top in one year than ever before.

Won the Semi National in 2019, 417 Serama entered.

Bred many winners for Juniors and newer members . Our Serama win and breed winners.

Our Serama are calm and naturally show off on the table. This has been bred into them for years.

No price gouging. Eggs, Juveniles and breeders available at times at reasonable prices.

Have also won Best of Breed and Reserve of Breed showing in cage with White/Black/Exchequer

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United States, North Easton, Massachusetts
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