District 1 ME, NH, VT, MA, RI, NY, NJ
Traditional, American White, Ayam
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Raising Seramas and  French Black Copper Marans for over 11 years.

Located at the Heart of New England in beautiful New Hampshire.

I have been Breeding Traditional and Ayam Serama for over 11 years and have continued my passion by becoming a Licensed  Judge for the Serama Council of North America in fall of 2019.
I am also currently on the Governing Council for the SCNA because I want to continue to formally support and guide others on how and where to show as well as provide resources for housing, feed and care.

Birds I have for sale will be listed here when there are availabilities. Often I have birds available that may not be listed yet so feel free to reach out and let me see if I can help!

Also reach out with questions about raising and  showing these little wonders!

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