Pre-Order SCNA Bands

July 1st is the deadline to order bands at the reduced rate of $15 per strand of 25 bands. After July 1st, the price will increase to $17 per strand. 

Official SCNA Breeder Bands


Sold in strings of 25 bands

$15 per string  pre-order  price

13.33% discount on orders of 4 strings or more

Pre-order price and discounts are valid through July 7th 2020

SCNA Leg Bands are member exclusive and offer club opportunities only available to banded birds.

Exclusive to Members only. They provide opportunity of future incentives, benefits and contests.

Our Official SCNA Leg Band registry goes back to 2009 and is the most comprehensive record of Seramas bred by individuals in the United States

Shipping cost not included.
Standard first class USPS postage paid by purchaser and is calculated at checkout.

We will offer bands a second time before the end of the year. They will be at a rate of $17 per string, no bulk discount. Same shipping charges apply.