Overview of American Type

The American Serama Standard is referred to when discussing American Bantam Association (ABA) or American Poultry Association (APA) in-cage judging.  ABA/APA requires type, weight and color standards for every breed being exhibited in order to receive ABA/APA points at their sponsored events.  The Serama Council of North America (SCNA) was the driving force of the American Serama Standard toward ABA/APA acceptance since the original Serama importation in 2001.  When the SCNA delivered the American Serama Standard for ABA/APA approval and acceptance, the ownership of the American Serama Standard written by the members of SCNA was awarded to those entities.

The APA accepts White seramas. The ABA accepts White, Black Exchequer, Blue, Splash and Ginger Red as of 2023. 





Color Standards Below

White Serama Standard

Brendas bird

Black Serama Standard

Exchequer Serama Standard

Blue Serama Standard

Brendas bird

Splash Serama Standard

Brendas bird

Ginger Red Serama Standard

How do new color varieties get accepted ?? Read this article about the process.