0-1:30 intro 1:3114:44 Table Top (some topics covered what is table top, how do I find shows, how to train your bird for tt showing, should you trim the feathers for table top, how long are they on the table for showing)

14:45 – 22: 53 American Seramas (exchequer example, accepted colors, in cage showing, difference between mottled and exchequer ) 22:5435:46 Breeding ( Selecting birds for breeding programs, line breeding, AI, weak tail)

35:4742:39 Hatching and Raising (Incubation settings and recommendations, development of birds,

42:40– QA Session some topics covered: Squirrel Tail, Incubator Recommendations, Color correct blue example, feeding protein, Bathing, Travel Boxes

52:36 Tour of Lender Schexnayder’s Serama House covers feeders., waterers, housing





L&Js Cajun Seramas (travel boxes)