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Now accepting photos for consideration for the 2023 SCNA calendar

General Information

Its that time again!

2023 Serama Calendar!

YOU  played a big role in the 2022 calendar!

We’d love for all types to be specifically highlighted again!

What types?

American- Black, White, Exchequers…pending Blues, Splash and Ginger reds!

Frizzles! Silkieds! Ayam!

Babies! Yes the babies too!!

Adult Males, females even large groups of seramas!.

Birds with Kids, with other pets, with YOU! We are also looking for photos with AWESOME artistic presentation!

Get Creative! Get them out of the cages and out into the world!

Back yards, gardens, farms…you name it! Last years winners had that extra something…. fun angle, great background, flip back through the 2022 calendar to be inspired!

This time though its not a popularity voting contest. Photos will be chosen by our committee based on image clarity,(This is THE Biggest factor in printing!)artistic presentation (something different!) and variety of content for the final print! So Send them in! Send them all in!!! Even if they are old pics you took, email is at the end of this message!

The last calendar we made was SO stunning…frameable quality! The photos you all were able to submit were amazing! An awesome calendar for all Serama fanciers and chicken lovers in general. These will be printed in limited quantities and we will announce when they are available.

A great Holiday Gift foryou or your favorite chicken person! So stay tuned, emails will be going out soon to all, or use the email below to submit a photo at any time! Shorter deadline this year! Sept 30th! Hope to see you in the 2023 Serama Calendar!

submit photos here—>

Make sure to include you name in the subject line! *As you saw from the 2022 calendar, even photos that may not have been chosen for the 12 months still had a place on the pages or holidays through out the year. Slightly lower resolution ones may be used there also, so submit anything youve got, you never know!!! Any questions Please  email me at subject “calendar”.

Anyone can participate (does not need to be an SCNA member)

Send in as many images as you’d like !

Deadline is September 30, 2022 !! 

BONUS PERK- Anyone who had a photo chosen for the 2022 calendar, if you have one chosen again this year, we will mail you a free calendar ! 

Email your 300 dpi high resolution photos to and make sure your name is included.