2022 GC Sample Ballot

GC 2021 Candidate Bios

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Hello, my name is Eryn Briggs. I have been interested in the serama breed since 2016 when I discovered they existed and have since been learning all that I can about the breed. I started breeding Seramas as soon as I found my first trio. I am an independent NPIP tester for the state of Maine which will help with any SCNA members and residents that may be interested in showing their birds. I have a bachelors degree in agriculture business management and I have been doing bookkeeping work since 2009. I have also volunteered with several animal rescues fostering animals and helping raise funds for their programs. I hope my knowledge and past experiences will make you feel confident that I will be a positive addition to the SCNA council and I look forward to working with everyone.

I was first attracted to the Serama hobby in 2015 when I quickly filled a back bedroom with cages. I dove into the hobby full force with showing and star%ng breeding lines of my own. I founded the New Mexico Serama Council in 2018 and sponsored and managed the first shows ever in the state. I receivedmy judge’s license in 2019 and have served on the judge’s committee during the last year. I am presently district rep for district 9. I’ve judged in-person and virtual shows and presented an online tutorial on bird grooming. My passion for the hobby is working with kids because I understand that they are the future of clubs across the country. I have been asked to judge showmanship and 4H meets, and I always jump at the chance to judge the junior portion of our shows. Outside of seramas, I have experience working in teams consisting of people with strong personalities. Also a member of APA and ABA, I enjoy showing at both tabletop and in-cage events. I am always ready to answer questions and help new hobbyists get established in the Council.

I'm a:
-Licensed Judge
-District 4 Representative
-Current GC Vice Chairman
-Ways & Means Committee Chair

On the GC, I've been proud of:
-Leading the grant initiative to use financial resources to sponsor new 2021 shows in 4+ new areas
-Contributing to improve several member benefit programs including sanctioned virtual shows
-Working collaboratively to develop our new ayam standard & standard depiction
-Securing the 2022 National Meet in District 4, the Midwest
-Facilitating the transfer of club financial and legal information from our founder to the GC to ensure club longevity
-Working with GC to lead by example and improve on historical adversarial relationships or negative perceptions of our club

In my career, I've:
-Managed start-ups and national companies
-Participated on many leadership teams
-Excelled at big-picture decision-making
-Developed my abilities to advocate, communicate, and teach others

I will use my seat on the GC to encourage & vote for SCNA to:
-Increase our reach/membership
-Set clear goals/make decisions with data
-Offer more benefits/resources to the members who join, participate, and contribute
-Increase youth/educational opportunities
-Advocate that we continue to hold ourselves to the highest of standards in our membership, actions, shows, and in our breeding of Serama and promoting the SCNA
-Foster improved/better relationships with other Serama/poultry partner organizations in the interest of SCNA and the breed

Thank you for the honor of this nomination to the SCNA Governing Council, and for your vote of confidence in my ability to represent your interests. Seramas have been my passion since the day I received my first pullet. That bird was the motivating force behind the formation of the North Texas Serama Council, and the inception of the SCNA into the State of Texas. Since then, I have bred and shown hundreds of birds. They are truly special to me. They have introduced me to many wonderful people and fostered cherished memories. Currently, I am the Vice President of the Texas Struttin’ Serama Council. I have served on the board of three different Serama Councils, and assisted in the planning and execution of multiple Table-Top shows. I am active in efforts to expand public awareness and educate new members, including social media, lectures, demonstrations, and participation in fund-raising events. As your representative, I’d bring extensive knowledge of Seramas and SCNA rules and standards, along with experience working within an organizational structure, as part of a team devoted to serving its members. I am hard-working, dependable, and concerned about each of you. I promise to give you my very best!

I Linda Marie Garcia- Laster believes I would be a good candidate for the SCNA committee board for the following reasons: I would like to expand our district 5 shows to up North Louisiana and Arkansas help 4-H students by offering free Serama cockerels or rooster or pairs ,eggs for showing,raising and breeding them for their quailty.
I would help with raffles,donations and computer skills & help anyone that needs advice or is new to the Seramas and SCNA club/committee
I believe I have great customer service skills as well I have been a medical assistant for 5 years at a hospital , a manager at McDonald's and I also worked at General Dollar and I was a bartender and waitresses for almost 16 years after I graduated high school in 1991 and my majors in HS was art so you see my customer skills are great
I am very kind , caring and love to help people I will try in anyway to help improve the committee by anything they throw at me
I love to travel so that helps and my biggest thing is to improve the committee and the standards which I believe are good and to get more colors recognized incage plus help the cost of shows and awards so if I am picked for the position I promise to help as much as I can where needed
My love for Seramas will never die and I want the youth to be our next generation to help these beautiful birds to stay with us in the future and if I'm chosen I will try my hardest to do what's right with the committee thank you again for picking me as one of the 7 candidates for one of the 3 positions

I’m from the Northeastern part of Pennsylvania. My daughter and I were introduced to tabletop showing in 2016 when we brought a serama pair we’d hatched to the local show. We were immediately welcomed into the SCNA family & joined the SCNA right there on the spot!

In my experience with SCNA I have clerked and tabulated at multiple shows. After a brief appointment as PA state representative, I currently serve as Representative for District 2. I’ve worked to streamline and clarify the tabulation packet so that less training is needed and reports are more intuitive. I’ve deigned several informative info graphics and recruitment posters and images. I currently serve on the Membership Committee, Technology Committee, and the SCNA Show Committee.

Outside my poultry life, I’ve spent the past 16 years as Market Director & IT manager for a regional commercial real estate firm. Prior to that I spend 5 years as a Recruiting Retention specialist for a telemarketing firm.

I bring a varied group of professional skills and will use my strong organizational, analytical, graphic design and technical skills to help the SCNA continue to provide the best Table top experience possible and encourage the highest levels of teamwork and comradery

I have many personal and professional experiences that will help provide me with the many qualifications to represent SCNA and it’s members. I taught school for 18 years in Elk City, OK, while my husband and I raised our two children. During that time I had the opportunity to serve on various committees, clubs, and boards, both professionally and personally in a variety of capacities! Those positions ranged from being a representative all the way to President! These experiences have led me to a greater understanding of what it means to represent others within an organization. I work well with others, and consider myself a good listener. I try to look at situations from several different point of views. I am trustworthy, truthful, and hold myself to a very high standard, while being committed and effective.