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Council Government

How SCNA is Organized

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The organization is governed by a seven (7) member council (BOD) elected by the entire membership. These seven members, from amongst themselves select a Chair, Vice Chair, Clerk Treasurer, District Council's Chair and Youth Director. The office of Clerk and Treasurer many be selected from the seven member board or may be any member of SCNA qualified to serve in that capacity.
The Officers of the Council, handle issues that require immediate attention. Six (6) standing committees and three (3) temporary/special committees have the responsibility of keeping up with matters of importance to the council and the membership at large. They report their findings and recommendations to the Chair and Governing Council. Refer to the Constitution -- Art. 5 - Organizational Structure: Officers, Governing Council and Committees for specifics and broader description of each. And, refer to the By-Laws -- Art. 3 - Duties of Officers, GC, State (or Provincial) Reps., Dist. Clubs Council, Committees, etc., that describes the work carried on by these various individuals.
From a geographical standpoint, SCNA is divided into District Councils comprised of a number of states (or provinces) - See Appendix B of the SCNA C&BL for the current geographical distribution of districts and their corresponding jurisdiction. A District Council Rep (and co-rep) heads each one of the district councils and serve as the link between members and their District Council.

  • All of the District Council Reps. meet as a Serama Council that is headed by the District Council's Chair. A Youth Director / Liaison (created to encourage youth in this healthy hobby and activity from a young age) concentrates on exhibition, showing, etc., and coordinates with the Judging Licensing and Standards Committee opportunities to come together as the SCNA Serama community.



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